How to Setting WordPress Background Image to Img

How to Setting WordPress Background Image to Img

In a recent custom WordPress development project, you needed a small thing to change your WordPress theme, if your theme have all image shows CSS property like background-image: (‘url:’). first you know small things about Background images that is great to use because of how easy it is to display it properly in any constrained proportions….

Manually Add Structured Data WordPress Without Plugin Schema Markup

Manually Add Structured Data Markup Helper to WordPress

If you know bit coding knowledge & how to edit code to WordPress site you change bit have previous coding experience that is easier for you to learn schema markup. You just need to take some time to familiarize yourself with how it works. Add schema to WordPress without plugin structured data, also known as schema…

10 Open Source Blogging Software Web Applications Scripts

10 Open Source Blogging Software Web Applications Scripts

A free blogging platform is the perfect way to get yourself set up with your own web without too much effort. Start learning journey and would like to keep friends and mentors informed of your personal milestones, and your career options. Many popular blogging platforms are not really a good fit for developers, since they are…

Custom User Registration & Login System to a WordPress Without Use Plugin

Custom User Registration & Login System to a WordPress Without Use Plugin

You can make the WordPress user registration and login user process super easy without a plugin, users fill out all the info themselves see the login page. In this article, we’ll show you how to create a user registration and login page without a plugin in WordPress. There are so many different ways of customizing the…

Author Box Without Use of Plugin Schema Optimized to your WordPress Site

Author Box Without Use Of Plugin Schema Optimized WP Site

Do you want to add an author bio box to your WordPress site, an author bio box increases the authenticity of your blog. Many themes allow you to display author bio box using the default functionality, but some of the themes are not have this feature built-in, so you may enable it manually to display the…

How to Create a WordPress Sticky Navigation Menu Without Plugin

WordPress Sticky Navigation Menu Without Plugin

In case if you have not enabled sticky navigation menu header sections module, In this article, you’ll learn the purpose of a sticky menu and how to create easy sticky menu without plugin. in this article we can solve your website enable sticky navigation header menu. Navigation is an important part of any WordPress website. You…

Advantages of Web Push Notifications Service

Benefits of Web Push Notifications

Push notifications has already become a very popular feature for many mobile consumer apps as well as web application. Both mobile app and web push notifications have a wide reach of users. For instance, around 90% mobile users’ time is spent using various apps, mobile app that send notifications have a chance to reach 9 out…

Best Push Notification System Desktop & Mobile WordPress Plugin

Best Push Notification System Desktop and Mobile

Push notifications, intimate all subscriber user who Allowing or accepting these alert messages let the user receive notification about the latest updates from the site as soon as they open the web browser or immediately, you get notification on your phone, browser push notifications let you send messages to your website’s visitors even when they’re not…

Lauriel Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme Review & Low Cost

Lauriel Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme low price

Lauriel Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme is a WordPress theme truly stunning eCommerce theme designed for Multi-purpose websites. Aside from full WooCommerce compatibility, a gorgeous set of shop page layouts and elements is at your full disposal. Each of the options in this collection consists of at least one stylish WooCommerce website demo that can be imported into…

How to Secure WordPress Site Guide & Tips

how to make my website secure wordpress

WordPress is most use framework on the web and most widely used open-source CMS in the world, you might hear a security vulnerability that is detected on WordPress and is being fixed. There are a lot of reports of WordPress websites being hacked and losing their data. Therefore, it is important to discuss the various effective…